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An Overview of Plone Security and Access Control

Tema Python, Zope, Plone
Cuándo 09/08/2007
de 12:00 a 13:00
Dónde Salón de Actos
Nombre Leonardo Rochael Almeida
Lenguaje en
Nivel alto

One of Plone's strongest features is its security and access control model. In this talk we'll explore this model and understand how Users, Groups, Roles, Permissions and Workflows interact with site visitors, content producers and site managers. We'll learn how actions and workflow transitions are made avaliable for each user differently, and how permissions are granted and revoked according to workflow changes.

Autor: Leonardo Rochael Almeida

Leonardo Rochael Almeida has been working with Python and Zope technologies since 2001, before Plone existed. He worked for Hiperlógica, the first company in Brazil that specialized in Zope solutions. While there he did a workshop with Serpro, the Brazillian government IT company, to help them move their main portal to Plone, which was instrumental in the massive adoption of Plone by portals used by Brazillian government institutions. He's a Zope and Plone code contributor and works for Enfold Systems, which is a leading provider of Plone based solutions. Leonardo has a Bs.C. in Computer Sciences by Universidade de São Paulo.


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