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The SELF Platform

Tema Educación Self
Cuándo 10/08/2007
de 14:00 a 15:00
Dónde Salón de Actos
Nombre Nagarjuna G
Lenguaje en
Nivel básico

The SELF project provides a platform for authoring and sharing of free educational materials. The platform itself is free sofwtare, based on the gnowsys semantic database engine. This presentation will describe the key features and implementation of the SELF platform.

Autor: Nagarjuna G

Dr. Nagarjuna G. is an M.Sc. in Biology, M.A in Philosophy from Delhi University, and Ph.D in philosophy of science from Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur in India. He joined Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research as a postdoc in 1995 and is working as a regular faculty. Currently he is the head of the computer lab and principal investigator of the knowledge lab carrying out research and development in the area of cognitive science and information technology. His current areas of research are semantic web, knowledge organization, AI, philosophy of science, biological roots of knowledge and modelling complex systems with specific interest in cognitive development. He is coordinator of the project, a community portal, which is to be launched before the end of 2006. His lab produced a knowledge distribution system, specially crafted for science and mathematics education. He is the author of the system GNOWSYS, which is recognized as an official GNU project by Free Software Foundation, since December 2004. He is a well known advocate of free software and is serving as a Chairperson of Free Software Foundation of India. As an advocate of free software for education and research, he travelled around the country and gave more than 120 speeches/workshops/keynotes during the last eight years. He works with engineering students, who join his lab as interns (final year thesis projects) and do a number of developmental and experimental projects with them every year contributing to development of free software and training. He teaches several graduate courses in philosophy of science, conceptual dynamics and cognitive development.


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