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Social Source Funding for Free Software Development

Tema Comunidad Ong
Cuándo 09/08/2007
de 16:00 a 17:00
Dónde Salón de Actos
Nombre Christopher Johnson
Lenguaje en
Nivel básico

How can we "social source" funds to financing Free Software projects? The talk includes information about when it works best, how to evaluate your own project idea, and suggestions for tools to help. The talk will use the experience of the speaker in building GetPaid for Plone as a case study.

Autor: Christopher Johnson

A physicist turned entrepreneur, Christopher Johnson combines a passion for problem solving, a systems perspective and a decade of international experience in order to turn today's challenges to creating a more just, sustainable world into opportunities. He co-founded both a business ( and non-profit (Inspiring Futures) that leverage technology for innovative collaborations. ifPeople has been active in South America for four years and its FairSource program has been working with microenterprises in the Southern Cone to create fair trade relationships around Free Software opportunities. Chris is known for his leadership and ability to manage distributed teams. He is active in the Plone free software community and speaks internationally on technology, entrepreneurship, and systems thinking. though he has lived in seven countries, including Argentina, he is currently living in his homeland in Atlanta, GA USA.


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