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Keynote: Digital (Dis)obedience?

Tema Política Principiante
Cuándo 11/08/2007
de 17:00 a 18:00
Dónde Sala de las Américas
Nombre Georg Greve
Lenguaje en
Nivel básico

In his keynote, Georg Greve will talk about the role that software has in our society, and why the right to control your own digital world is a fundamental right of every person. Starting from the basic principles, he will provide insight into some concrete struggles that are an expression of the struggle between proponents of freedom and control.

Autor: Georg Greve

Georg Greve is the Legal Policy Coordinator of the SELF project. He is Initiator and president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSF Europe). Georg studied physics at the University of Hamburg, Germany, where he finished in January 2001 with an interdisciplinary computer-science and physics diploma thesis in the nanotechnology area. Since 1998 he has been busy as European speaker for the GNU Project; an activity which also led him to write the Brave GNU World, a monthly column about Free Software that is published in up to 10 languages on the web and printed in several magazines around the world. During his work for the FSF Europe Georg Greve has (among other things) participated in the Commission for Intellectual Property Rights in the UK and gotten particularly involved in the long-term and strategic issues of Free Software in the social, legal and economic area. He participated as member of the German governmental delegation to United Nations (UN) conferences on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) as representative of the WSIS coordination circle of German civil societies and is also the person responsible for the AGNULA (IST-2001-34879) project in FSF Europe.


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